Tokengateway is an easy to use REST API to send and receive ALL ERC20 tokens and Ethereum. But who needs it? What to do with it? Let me answer your questions.

What is Tokengateway?

Tokengateway is an API which can be used to get the ethereum balance and token balance of any ethereum address. Also it allows to send ERC20 tokens and ethereum fully automatically.

Who needs Tokengateway?

Everyone who is working with ERC20 tokens or ethereum and needs to check balances or send tokens or ethereum to addresses.

What can I use Tokengateway for?

You can use Tokengateway for example to distribute your own ERC20 token to airdrop participants. Another example: Maybe you want your website currency to be a real tradeable token. In this case you could implement a withdraw and deposit option in the account panel which allows your users to use your own ERC20 token as website currency which they can withdraw and deposit at any time.

Does Tokengateway work with all ERC20 tokens?

We did our best to make the API working with all ERC20 tokens. There is currently no other API who has this feature.

How much does Tokengateway cost?

1000 API requests per month are free. If you need more than 1000 requests per month, the cost is 1€ per 1000 additional requests. Once you login into Tokengateway, you can create a deposit address where you can deposit ethereum. This balance is beeing used for payments, so make sure you deposited enough ethereum to use the API.

Where can I get more information on the implementation?

You can see all functions with possible parameters and example requests on the docs page.

Where can I create an own ERC20 token?

We can help you with that! Just send us a mail at to get in contact.

Can you give me a link to the Tokengateway site?

Of course! Sorry I did let you read that much before posting any links. You can reach the API homepage under

I have issues using the Tokengateway API. Can you help me?

Yes. Just send a mail with as much details as possible to